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And how they can come alongside you and help you inspire your true performance tom. I want to read through some of the responses but as is usually the case the thing that interests me initially is the culmination of the responses so in asking this question about what. What area of coaching count consulting counseling today. That people would get for themselves. Here's a results. You're eddie business. Forty percent they'd get help with business work career though the majority of the people who actually responded the details war it was in regards to business their own business starting a business whatnot. So forty percent personal development thirty three percent health and wellness twenty-five percent so as always biased demographic these are people who are out to aspire. Lean people out there to progress so you would think that they all hopefully have some intention in each of these areas so it was interest- interesting to say either one where people actually need the help. Well i don't know what do you think is it. Do you do you kind of counter counter but overlay that these are the result of where people need the most help or where we place a bigger priority. We think i think it's both. I think if somebody feels like they're really in something they're going to pick that if they feel like they're kind of equal in all areas they're gonna go with their priority and we've been doing Goal setting in training in that area for gosh five decades and there's two there's two goals that people always said one's a health goal was a career goal. It's about getting a better shape or making more money coming. That's really what it comes down to so yeah It's probably whatever's taking their. You know they feel like they're behind in right now that they're going to pick between those two well here. Let me. I'm as i was going to say something but let me read some of the responses before i do. I'm going to jump to the personal development. One and read some of those jason stein. He says personal development It would be self accountability. That's my my current area. Focus jaanus is personal development specifically becoming more mindful of how. I spend my downtime when i am not working or working out intentionally actively resting rather than picking up my phone. Marvin actually let me. I'm going to come back to him. Suzy says goal. Setting and lifestyle wellness So personal development jennifer says specifically personal development specifically how to align life goals. With my time. I feel like i'm always in survival mode with the hours in the day and don't make good use of my time philip. The hatfield one of our ziglar heroes said personal development. Kathy bosley personal development. I wanna make my mind strongest possible and as healthy as possible now here. I saved three for the india. Jeff bela's he says i'm called a consider maslow's hierarchy of needs if we start with building the foundation for meaningful life in pick spiral of doom can be diverted in other. I'd start with my own. He exercise health and wellness but personal development And move the needle from they're doing. The internal work helps us bring out the best version of ourselves to every facet of life. And that's where i'm going with this chris. Mcconnell also said personal development improving myself. I can improve everything else and marvin panic. Said personal development seems like effective coaching. There would filter down. Personal development is foundational to work relationships financial spiritual etc etc so. There's my premise. I'm going to start off with because years ago. Back when i had. Its when we met tom. And and we started actually. Because i i was the self-employment guy helping people pursue self employment. And i was looking for an idea. Let's get to know you. What are some ideas you have some interests you have that fit you. Where's a good marketplace opportunity. Now i'm not gonna make that sound simple or easier minimize that at all but we can do that. You know we could find an area that you have some ability and capability interest. We're gonna find a marketplace opportunity we can create a business create a brand create a product service message to get it out there. We can do that and as we were working on that putting those pieces together we would so often fine people lose momentum get stuck and where would it be his personal. It was dealing with their personal time management or their fear or just a personal nature. Which is it's interesting that it's to come back to this. I am prone to look at overall at personal development as a priority or at least sequentially. I don't know what you think. I could also go there with health and wellness man if your body and minder compromise everything else is so. It's hard to pick somebody else's say yeah but if you don't have money coming in i don't know what do you think you know it's like i keep going back to the booth and answer Let's just look at it in our own. Coaching system with choose to win. We get clarity on the y. Yeah and then we move from mental spiritual physical

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