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Chaos in afghanistan upton as president biden withdrew military forces leading to a forceful takeover by the taliban today august seventeenth. We will dive into one of the greatest foreign policy. The buckles in modern history. Good afternoon. i'm meeting. Kim and this is the outspoken oma quote. Joe biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy national security issue over the past four decades and quote. Who said that not trump not a partisan congressmen or republican operative. That was robert gates. The former secretary of defense under president obama for three years and today as we see significant foreign policy the buckle unfolds in afghanistan that quote is once again reaffirmed now quickly dive into some basic background information as to what is transpiring in afghanistan back in mid april president biden announced immediate withdrawal all american troops from afghanistan by september eleventh. Twenty twenty one. Obviously september eleven was chosen dates because that was to recognize the anniversary of the september eleventh terrorist attacks and which led to the immediate was occupation of afghanistan because at the time afghanistan was harboring osama bin laden on august fifteenth. The taliban took over the capital of kabul effectively toppling. Afghanistan's governments later afghan. President ghani fled the country right before taliban leadership storm the presidential palace and thousands of afghan citizens fled to kabul international airport to skip the taliban. Now while oldest was transpiring. President biden was in camp david and he was strong criticized because he didn't have a strong message or strong immediate message in response to all of this so he traveled back to washington. Dc to address the nation from the white house one of the biggest elements that he was criticized for in the speech was the blame game in which he played and one of the obviously notable people in which she blames forwarded the buckle in afghanistan was trump and sort of implied some blame to bush and obama. He said quote when i came into office. I inherited deal that president trump negotiated with taliban on the his agreement. Us forces would be out of afghanistan. May i twenty twenty one. Just a little over three months after i took office. Us forces had already drawn down during trump administration from roughly fifteen thousand five hundred american force to two thousand five hundred troops in country. The taliban was strongest militarily. Since two dozen one the choice i had to make as your president was added to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the taliban in the middle of the spring fighting season and quote. And but if you actually look at the deal that trump's state department may with taliban it's not what biden actually described in his address at a nation. Mike pompeo who was secretary of state under president trump said in a recent interview that the deal of the taliban was strictly conditional which meant that deal was was strictly predicated on the taliban committing to a peaceful transfer of power in order for america to withdraw after that commitment to a peaceful transfer of power appel said in a recent interview quote we would have demanded the taliban actually deliver on the conditions that we let out in the agreement including the agreement to engage in meaningful power sharing agreement some that which we struggled to get them to do but made it clear it was going to be required before we completed requirements to fulfil foley withdrawal and unquote. And you know there are some criticisms of the deal. Mike pompeo made with the taliban. Obviously the taliban actually pursuing a peaceful transfer of power from the afghan government was not going to happen. I mean we actually thought. That was being overly idealistic. So people had that criticism upon pales deal but even if biden did not agree with the policy that trump's state departments made in efforts to come to some sort of consensus with the taliban he kind of reversed it. I mean he was president for seven months. Which meant that. He'd independence day department and independence defense department and he could have used his powers as the chief executive to to reverse a deal that the previous administration made i mean for his entire time as president of the united states reversed nearly every single policy. That trump did while he was president. So this is no exception. I mean he should own up to the flaws of the policies in which he tried to pursue in addition to to trump he also blamed the afghan military. He said quote. The truth is but this did on for the more quickly than we had anticipated. So what happened. Afghanistan political leader escape up and fled the country the afghan military collapse. Sometimes we're not trying to fight if anything developments at the past week reinforced the ending. Us military involvement in afghanistan. No was the right decision. American troops cannot ensure not be fighting a war and dying in award. Afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves and quotes. This is honestly one of the most politically cynical things that i've ever heard biden say the afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. Fifty thousand afghan military soldiers died in darndest entire two decades of us occupation of afghanistan. And the reason why they cannot successively defend themselves against the taliban was because biden himself pulled out a contractors and basically destroyed the afghans dependency on us military which are obviously undermined the ability of afghan military to counter act opposing taliban forces. According to the wall street journal quote in the wake of president biden's withdrawal decision the us pulled its airports air support intelligence and contractors servicing afghanistan planes and helicopters. This meant that afghan military simply cannot operate anymore and quote. Admittedly afghan leadership was significantly underprepared in the wake of the draw because as by afghan officials did not believe america will draw however according to andrew watkins a senior analyst for afghanistan and at the international prizes group research advocacy organization. There was no evidence that the taliban significantly increased their manpower and argue. The only reason why there's summer offensive was successful was due to a lack of us. Air strikes which meant that biden's administration shorter significant blame for the dismantling of the afghan government. What biden actually expect to happen when he pulled the entire the tire. Us presence from afghanistan if the afghan military dependent so much on the us occupation of afghan for the viability of their own independent military force. Then of course when they pulled out of afghanistan. The afghan military by itself was not sufficient enough to defend against the taliban if you're pulling out intelligence contracts that were vital for the dependency of the afghan military than have military is expected to fall when the taliban was advancing to the nation's capital and one of the other things that addition to buy actually blaming everyone except for himself for the marco afghanistan biden also discussed casualties in the in the afghan occupation. He said quote. Lemme ask those who wanted to wanted us to stay. How many more how. Many thousands more of american daughters and sons are willing to risk and quotes according to abc news. There's not been a single american combat death since february eighth twenty which was eighteen months ago. That's not to belittle the two thousand three hundred twelve american soldiers that lost life in afghanistan. But it is the suggests that thousands of stationed american soldiers in the lead up to the afghanistan pull out were not being bogged down by precipitous warfare in combat honestly by contrast more than fifty one thousand taliban fighters were killed by american armed forces which shows a major power imbalance in military superiority between taliban in american forces but aside from that by reportedly sent five thousand additional troops back in afghanistan to aid withdrawal despite his call for not putting sons and daughters at risk he just said that it was egregious to put american sons and daughters at risk for filled mission. So what is different about the five thousand additional troops. He sending back into afghanistan. Aren't those sons and daughters. Also at risk and to add insult injury tens of thousands of american citizens have been left behind it in afghanistan in the withdrawal according to the washington according to wall street journal an estimated ten thousand fifteen thousand new citizens remained in afghanistan so yes it is tragic. Every single american soldier died in. afghanistan is a tragedy. No one is disputing dance but suggests that afghanistan was a present danger to the current military soldiers. There from february twenty is simply not true and biden. Really closer to speech with i think when idiotic things that he said in his entire speech close with kohl's diplomacy he said quote. We will continue to support the afghan people we will lead before. Diplomacy or international influence in or humanitarian aid will continue to push for regional diplomacy and engaging prevent violence and instability will continue to speak out for the basic rights at the afghan people of women and girls just as we speak all around the world and quote and my question is just how. How can you negotiate with radical barbaric terrorist group that subject it's ethnic religious and gender minorities to brutal torture and murder. How can you negotiate with democratic for cystic regime. That is responsible for thousands of american lives. I mean honestly gonna ask nicely are gonna get on your knees and begged them to treat the afghanistan woman fairly. I mean i don't understand why biden continues to believe that's diplomacy instead of for actually using military forces is the correct way to go and this brings us back to. What was this for honestly at the end of the day with withdrawn. Us military forces from afghanistan he effectively reversed two decades of foreign policy and the initial mission of counter terrorism and preventing a staging ground for al-qaeda according to the pentagon united states government has been eighty three billion dollars in bolstering the afghanistan government and which is effectively gone to waste. I mean we spend easily billion dollars to bolster an afghan military but the afghan military is so reliance on the american forces to to help them to secure them. But when the american forces are removed from the afghan military to aid them than the billion dollar investment goes down the drain and now according to you defense and state department officials six billion dollars in military equipment including eight hundred fifty mine-resistant ambushed protected vehicles were abandoned in withdrawal which six billion dollars in. Us military equipment is now in the hands of taliban and other terrorist organizations additionally chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark milley addressed congressional leaders and said that they will move the terrorist threats in afghanistan from medium according to axios which meant that. Obviously you're going to see a rise in terrorism and afghanistan and now that the taliban effectively controls its governments and to add insult injury the inside reports that taliban militants released thousands of prisoners from afghan prisons with links to islamic jihadist groups and al qaeda. So what has changed in the past two decades. We've tried to counter terrorism. We tried to decrease the the influence of kind of effectively imprisoning or killing al qaeda militants. We tried to decrease the the power of the taliban and we tried to effectively counteract attacks by the islamic jihadist groups. But it seems to me after this withdrawal after the dust settled what is going to be. The state of afghanistan will be similar to the state of afghanistan when we first invaded and his brings me to a new york times article which discussed heavier mackey. Who was a former first class army. Special forces soldier with several afghanistan deployments and will shot twice and he said in an interview with the new york times quote. I sacrificed a lot. I saw death every day every year. And the guys. I soaked with new would probably come to an end like this. But the chaos and made his andre after everything we gave. I just wish that had been away to leave. With honor and quote for people like mackey. There is a question that rang in numerous veterans. What was it for the situation. Afghanistan has become similar to america. I evaded two decades ago. All the bloodshed in lives lost in pursuit of counter-terrorism only define the terrorism revitalize. This president has trade the continuing efforts of veterans and committed a damaging dereliction of duty as commander in chief of the armed forces is devastating. What is happening in afghanistan and we can only hope citizens in afghanistan. Remain safe in this critical juncture. All right before we signed off. I like to extend a special. Thank you to my uncle. Who has made this podcast possible and untitled one of my greatest supporters okay. Today's episode the spokane podcast. You could read articles on a variety of important topics at outspoken opa dot com and follow us on instagram twitter facebook and linked in. Also if you'd like to show want to support it. Please go vis a five star review on apple podcasts and listened to our other episodes wherever you hear your podcasts. I'm thinking in. This is the outspoken oba. The outspoken oboe. Podcast is hosted by ethan kim directed by luc him and added by actually awesome the podcast independent production by the elbow from above. 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