A highlight from Strange Juans: Devils Breath! 'The World's Scariest Drug'


Wines with host. Tom cat strange new podcast. And this is one from the one on parker. Get strange what's going on the part of people in the place to be. This is strange ones coming in your ear holes hard. I am tom cat. Tom thomson on pod. Guzman is fucking. Somebody's hero yeah. And you can check out go to go to. Because this time. This is l. to the one on one podcast. There's a really fine ranchi episode that we did. We normally do that for the patriots but wanted me on his show. And we kinda just went off the fringes. If you could say that. I guess it might be on our youtube page podcast but i'm gonna cut clips of it for tech talk because now me and want to talk accounts strange podcast and the reptilian which i post a lot of conspiracy videos and weird shit like that wants coming out of the woodwork fully. I don't. I've been seeing a lot of guys getting band on there. What the shadow. Ben as we speak right now so that unlimited truth guy got banned too. I know he wants to come in the podcast. He's good he's good shipman and he's he's pretty intelligent and he'll be good. He might jump on episode with me in the future sometime soon. Actually and he wants to jump on with us some time so i think that'd be fun for three person. Podcast strange wants. This guy is a guy tick talking. He's from hamilton which is only an hour away from me. We're not even an hour forty minutes and somebody. We just started talking. And he has the same ideologies that i have and stuff like that. And he's pretty in canadian. Oh fuck ya so. He'll probably jump on for three seven with me and wine. But yeah i got i got that zodiac beer. Again that fucking. I'm showing one on the camera that one with all the aliens shit on it nice. Yeah i always liked the craft. Beer like the artwork on them always. Sometimes it tastes like shit. But dr work school get used to. It took me a bit. But i love as this'll be an interesting while the stokes for this episode. Because we're gonna talk about the devils breath and show magnus. He's the one that kind of put it in my ear that maybe we should talk about this so i knew this was too good for you just to be like. Hey let's do an episode on this. I knew i want to go through all drugs bro. We just did the history of alcohol on podcast which mutability got pretty fucking drunk for that episode and eventually wanted the history of mushrooms of all this shit and then if we dive into it and this. I don't know if i'm going to do the history of mushrooms with billy considering. He's done mushrooms once and he had a horrible fucking trip fucking. So let's get into the meat of this. And if you want to fund free for all strange go to one on one podcast and even go the patriots. 'cause there's i think there's two episodes that we have up that are me and juan ranting. We have like eight nine episodes altogether now but patriots stuff we get we get subscribers. They go up and down all the time on to talk social media instagram. One hundred podcast and on talk now with the kids now. And i'll be doing so i'm going to call it conspiracy circle time and it's gone waiting on this one piece can start recording with an actual mike on my phone might do some skits here and there but i want to break down like popular conspiracy theories and under a minute. Right so alex again. And that's what i was trying to do with. Like some of the trudeau conspiracies which is stupid. So i did a video comparing justin trudeau to castro in saying that castro might be his father. You can't bro camby ryan. I can't be talking about cuba. I know it's not getting. Yeah well not even that. It's just the fact that it's just a funny funny. Chancing conspiracy that justin trudeau is cancelled. Castro fuck it. And so. I did that and then it got fucking like it was a reese like don't even know like i think like anglo twelve k views thousand five thousand fucking likes and they took it down and i wonder if like somebody flag but why justin trudeau have going through talk. And he's like. I don't like this kid fugro again. This is why censorship man. It's all it's all. The same people invest all those an investigation well the cia determine the investigation to determine. That itself wasn't involved. They're always going to keep going back and forth. And it's all a charade and we've talked about the ship before him. But can i tell you what i like about this devils breath why it so. I think it's pretty cool. I mean i don't think it's quarter rate. People were killed people. But i thought it was. No it's not. But what i it's like. Oh it's so dangerous. But then like the shit that i it was just people getting rob more and more or less. Yes that's but there is stories. Like i was just watching a video on it and i have this ended. I wish i did. Because it's fucking larry's but we'll start off with. This is fucking weird drug.

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