Durham Report into Trump-Russia Investigation: Has It Uncovered Criminal Activity?


John solomon so much. This guy's first things first you've reported about it devin. Newness intimated kit kit. It be the dharam report is finally going to be released. There are certainly a lot of signs that durham is in the final stages his investigation. I've talked to people that have talked to him or lawyers that are representing people. There's been a lot of activity a lot of writing a lot of questions. A lot of follow up and the real question is. Are we just going to get a report telling us what we know happened or might we get some criminal charges. Devin nunes think there'll be some criminal charges that's consistent with some of the behavior i've seen had going on with grand jury activity and other things but you know there are other also intimations that just going to be a report. We'll have to wait and see no matter what it is. We waited for it a longtime nearly three years. It will be nice to finally get the complete story of what really went wrong in the russia collusion investigation but this this went from being an administrative report to being a criminal one over a year ago so if if it if it was converted. Surely that only happens when you have evidence of some kind of punitive crime. No john there's no doubt they had evidence of a crime. Clearly we saw already right one. Fbi or former fbi pleaded guilty to falsifying evidence. There's clearly other evidence of crimes. The question is in this political environment. Can they get an indictment by a grand jury in a city like washington or new york. Which are the two most likely indictment locations. That's a question we don't know But you know the facts clearly layout other examples of fraud or deception. Intentional deception of pfizer. Court the only question is can they get a grand jury to do it. What i have seen though is very thorough evans. A very thorough investigation. John durham has been working every angle. For for many many

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