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Life in The Word


Your bibles these and go with into twelve and you want to spend up and going to honor. He's already manifesting itself. He's been coming in. You know who's just moving throughout the world of man and we want to honor him. We want to honor him his word amen. And so organization six ten and twelve. I am wants lower down nearby. Can't property should be will because of the teaching onto de ten six gives me ten twenty and I haven't already. Here's in by the new living translation and only the obama. Bible already type here in my nose. I'm coming from the in. Lt new living translation. we all read it out loud. Whenever you're translation is it doesn't matter the atmosphere. When the were gone so avocado three. We will read one two and three eight final word indoors and how all of armor of that you will be able to take. His all strategies of apple are not against less and blood enemies rulers and already of the unseen world binding powers in this dark world in an evil spirits and heavenly places maybe seen it a man. I'm to ask properties spanish. They're seeded. I've come forward as everyone else. In this case they may say rightly. Amen amen and i just wanted to illustrate the into this and going back to this new living translation issues. Ten six ten and twelve is finally final. Word here actually says a final word vinyl thought this engel lord be strong in the lord. So we're not being strong in yourself a man and then your capabilities. But in the lord and it goes on to say in his mighty power it say just howard is just as palais man. You see that might our and then if it's on the arm her so that you will be able to stand against all strategies of the devil the beginning but. I always think that you'd be able to stay on this. Says it makes it a little player in the space. Weeklies just makes it clear to me. His be able to stand watch. I'm doing coming. She's not being promise that she has She has spoken that. She believes as we attack from coming against the flow is spending what god has given her. And tom thank you. We're saying that the things that the nfl calm man. We already know that. Of course you already novel description. Just stay take your brand and stand firm but we are not against flesh and blood. You're inviting his brother. Way brother wing. I'm not fighting insists of low. Hey man you have to be another bombing is my children. Co workers and then the fighting against russian blood enemies even rulers and authorities unseen. The moral despite being this kingdom isn't visible guess. What the enemy on pencil roy. Let me take something. The enemy is an angel of any countries that bank devil imahara

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