Political Strategist Jim Lamon on the California Recall Election


Lehman is a political strategist and senate candidate in arizona. Also an army veteran and he joins us right now. Nice to meet you jim scott. Good morning beautiful. Warm air is warm here as well sir curious about a number of things and we'd like to start with what we were just talking about the recall election in california having been born and raised there and lived of my life in california. I cannot believe what has happened to that state. Do you have any any ideas about. Why not only not only do they have Two to one democrat to republican registration in the state but the the leftism as opposed to simply calling them liberals is is just shocking because here in arizona weekly those that are leaving his. You left protects us. We're saying the same thing here in arizona. There's some benefit to us of course because of the wealth transfer hits coming in our home. Prices are up things that they are absolutely unbelievable in california but On that registration guys as we see here in arizona through the audit that we have spent a great time energy and money for leading the country. it really in california. I don't think matters. It was just a matter of what numbers that those in power decided the number needed to be because we have such massive amounts of voter fraud here that we've discovered that the nation will see here in a couple of weeks. it wouldn't have mattered. How great a campaign and great ideas that Larryelder and others came up with and california.

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