Where Does Gen. Mark Milley Allegedly Conspiring With China Rank in Biden Disasters?


It's really hard to rank which Biden disaster is the greatest and I mean worse, this disaster of all But I would have to say coddling a joint Chiefs of staff chairman who now in a new book. Bob Woodward book is alleged. To have basically committed treason in the book. Bye. Conspiring with the Chinese Communist Party. To defend a straight. Donald Trump is the commander in chief. I don't know where that ranks up there. Jim 12 and three It's I don't know It's tough. It It's got to be one Jim say he's got to be what? I don't. I don't I don't know. I'm having to believe in our people behind. No Southern border. Economy exploding vaccine mandates. This is close. If there is a 1234 and five they're only said separated by decimal points. Folks. The story is about as deeply disturbing as I've ever heard. And here's an irony. I didn't mention during the podcast this morning, but I thought if during the break there Remember Stuart Sheller from the Marine Corps member Stuart Sheller. He was, uh, he put out a tape demanding our tape. Excuse me, a video fashion aging myself a video demanding accountability for the disaster. The military disaster in Afghanistan, you know, demanding accountability like a qualified military leader should do. And Stewart Scheller was relieved of his command member. That story about the Marine seems to have exited the headlines because Biden does so much terrible stuff. Um, the headlines evaporate so fast here. But it's It's really odd how he was relieved of command, and they've been targeting him Stewart Scheller, and yet it's alleged that Mark Milley was conspiring with a nuclear powered communist enemy of the United States. And yet the leftist media celebrating I'm No, I'm not kidding. I've got the, uh I've got the audio to prove it.

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