A highlight from PNIRS Asia-Pacific: Building bridges between East and West



This approach however the effects of a single lifestyle intervention is much more difficult to detect than that with a large randomized control trial. East-west biomedical collaborations can therefore support traditional medical practices with clinical trials using advanced scientific methodologies. Australia continues to be a key player. In advancing the goals of peon irs asia pacific psycho neuro. Immunology research has been present in australia since the beginning of the field in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. Australian co-authors contribute the fourth most published papers in brain behavior and immunity covering topics such as alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injury. In two thousand nineteen sixteen papers were published in brain behavior and immunity with australian first or senior offers. An additional four had australian collaborators and at least ten employed diverse international collaborative research teams importantly many of those articles are examples of the truly global nature of current psycho nearer immunology research several featured upwards of five nations in the author list integrating technologies ideas personnel and student experiences towards research outcomes. That could not be achieved by one group alone. Two of the associate editors of brain behavior and immunity australian and multiple symposia have showcased australian psycho neuro immunology research. The japanese society of nearer immunology was formed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight by physicians specializing in certain neurological diseases. This society and peon. Irs asia pacific plan on holding symposium in the future to highlight relevant research. Japanese immunologists have made groundbreaking discoveries in molecular immunology including data mitsukoshi moto. His work led to the development of an important antibody a protein which attacks viruses bacteria and other chemicals in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis a disease in which the immune system attacks the joints notably as it has actions that suppress certain aspects of the immune system. This antibody has been approved for clinical trials as a treatment for sars covy to the virus causing the current corona virus. Pandemic psycho neuro immunology is expected to become more specialized to benefit. Different international communities for example by studying diseases like malaria in south east asia and novel corona viruses in china exciting new developments in understanding the gut immune brain access. Now make it possible to better understand the actions of ancient herbal medicine. The strong social support networks of indigenous communities have major implications for stress and mental health management. Air pollution has psycho neuro immunology implications worldwide but these specific type of pollution is likely to differ from country to country globalization of psycho nuder immunology research means advancement in our approach to understanding how where we live influences our brains and bodies in light of the current corona virus pandemic. It is more necessary than ever to promote global collaboration to find solutions to worldwide health concerns peon irs asia pacific continues to lead this effort by bridging the gap between eastern and western scientists with an interest in psycho niro immunology. That's all for this episode. Thanks for listening and stay subscribed to research for more of the latest science. See you again soon.

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