A highlight from Episode 567 | From Developer to CTO to Buying the Company for $1


A microsoft locals are one day events and they're quite inexpensive so it makes the events really accessible if you're in the area to see their let's dive into my conversation pottenger. Thanks so much for joining me today. Thanks for having me. Rob spread honor. You have such a story. Oh my gosh starts developer and then you became was a director of engineering and then the co within six months. This is a company you came to work for as an employee. And then you later bought the company for a dollar and then you grew it and exited. If years later i. I don't think i've ever heard a story like this so this is going to be fun. Could you give listeners a little bit of background about how you came to work at kevi and maybe what attracted you to that. And just get started on the story because kind of tells itself from there. Yeah so before i joined. Caveat was an aspiring developer aspiring entrepreneur. I had started a company with my younger brother.

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