A highlight from Episode 229 The Brood

The Moratorium


Are you experiencing sudden outbreaks of orphan syndrome and played with nipples that may or may not be associated with canadian alcoholism. We may have a solution. A weekly dose of the moratorium has been proven to reverse the symptoms such as acute grumpy. Bud or the onset of crabby ass please increase the volume for your recommended daily allowance. Cue the music and three two already forgot it also big. I'm insane a match made in a bathroom floating into the void. Saigo plasma Ex he does almost say it in kind of a sing song. Way can the brood being made into a musical. Oh god is there a kronenbourg movie that has been made into him usable. They really liked doing. Maybe not just horror movies but like it seems like there is a musical for the fly or something trade which watch me eat my donuts. Yes the donut. Sane would be amazing. I mean we talked about this before when i went to go. See the fly that theater that they handed out flyers to help you understand what ally of fly was yet full liars so that you can be properly fly eats yes explained it so you would be like. What does he do it. He's bar for. Oh my god. Yeah but then you're like more discussing what it what it is. That's not helping That's pretty cool. I thought you're going to fly paper arlene everybody at their hand and That's that's what the theater floor was all about. It was his baber. Yeah what year was the fly. Eighty eighty six eight ilyin. I it always surprises me when another one of my favorite movies is crammed into like eighty four eighty five eighty six. It's like how is it possible that all of my favorite movies came out within the same four year period. you know. yeah you really. If you look like if you could choose a chunk of time to watch those movies it really would be just like smack dab in the middle of the eighties for me. I guess i think there was so much coming out as such a big time for movies in general that they were just kind of all over the place kind of experimenting with the elders. Well coming out of the seventies. So i was fourteen when the fly came out so i didn't know how fucking fly that movie probably taught me that like. Oh really. that's fucking disgusting. Flies don't have penises. What say that no no. It was as it was in his Cabinet when he opened up his saving pieces of himself ear. And there doesn't show it really per se but it kind of looks like there's a wrinkled up dick and his medicine cabinet no really. I'm looking at ryan. i do. not now don't just google jeff goldblum pinas. I mean that. Take you somewhere else. I made that mistake for twice. Yeah i have such it. Well we're not talking about just. Although his apartment is like studio apartment loved it loved. It wanted one just because of that. Yeah it's between his apartment and rutger howard's apartment and wanted dead or alive yet leaner. It shows like almost immediately attacked in the fly. Nineteen eighty six medicine. Cabinet brought up. It brought up the brundle fly museum of natural history that wine from the movie. Yes that's what he calls it.

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