Bike Fitting 101 with Coach Patrick Carey


Let's just dive right in how to even define a good bike fit. I think that's a great place to start. Might take that every good bikes. It starts with the bike fitting the rider not the other way around and unfortunately oftentimes what happens is people are shoehorned onto their bikes. And that's really the office of what we want to happen. We want to set every bike up for each rider so that the rider just naturally falls into position on the bike. There's no pain points. You're not running into impingement and you're also not contracting yourself. In any way you're not overreaching. You're not spending your wrist some awkward way and and in that same idea if something hurts when you ride your bike. It's not right. Don't ever let someone tell you all that's just how riding a bike is. It's supposed to be a little uncomfortable. Now it's supposed to be joyful and supposed to be wonderful and when you get your bike set up correctly for you. it can be. That was is very much aligned. With what would. I often talk about it. We're not creating a bicycle. Recreating a cyborg and the interface between the animal and the machine is how you achieve that. Let's dive in even further so different approaches to fit. Probably what most people have been used to throw a leg over at approach literally. Stand over the bike. If you can clear the top tube. That's probably a good place. And then when you throw the word sit in there. Usually what ends up happening. Is you all the saddle height. The stem may be gets flipped. It probably does not get changed. And then also a lot of that is relying on the charts. So by companies. Put out the charts. Says if you're five seven you should be on. This is mike. If you're five ten you should be on the size bike. I personally believe that very often unfortunately results in people being on the wrong sized bike typically bike. That's too big which means that they're overreaching on that bike and you end up chasing the front end of the bike so the front end it becomes somewhat fixed in space and you can always shorten the stem so much so then that rider ends up being shoved way way forward on the bike and yeah like cement to create enjoyment. This takes away from

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