A highlight from Moses' History Lesson


Number two deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty. One john pauline. We're happy to have jim and ginger weller here with us. All the way from the philippines and ginger is going to offer us prayer so thank you ginger dear heavenly father we thank you for your presence among us as we study your word. I pray that you'll be with our time together in our time together to bring insight and wisdom. I pray these things. Jesus name in the second series of studies on the book of deuteronomy and we are going to get right into the first couple of chapters this time and there's at least two issues here who it should be terribly interesting and could easily throw us into two hours and twenty six minutes if we went after that. I think it'll be a fun study. And let me start right out with number one in your hand out and says taylor bunch was an sds leader about eighty years ago who drew an analogy between the experience of israel and the seventh day. Adventist church drawing multiple parallels. And i've given you a couple of websites stared that can give you some insight into would bunch was saying. He saw the first one hundred years of sda history as the equivalent of israel's forty years of wandering in the wilderness the analogy included a number of parallels in association with time prophecies.

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