Drone Images Show 8,000 Immigrants Waiting to Cross the Southern Border


Have you seen those pictures at the southern border? Bill Malucci in from Fox has been doing some incredible reporting from down that they have a drone going up in the air on our southern border in Texas. I forget what part of Texas that is. Do you remember Jim? What part of Texas the bridge down there? What part of it Was. Is it lawyer somewhere down there? That's where he's been right right around that area. There are upwards of 8000 people waiting under a bridge to walk into the United States unimpeded by no one will stop them. I mean, what's No one is they just waiting there, literally waiting there for Border patrol to pick them up. Nobody's stopped them. If they jumped the fence and running like no one's gonna stop them and tell me again left this how we have a southern border. The southern border has become the new four way stop sign. You know, the four way stops. I'm very few people stop for those they roll. They do a little rolling stock because they think the other guy will do it. That's our Southern borders totally evaporate. You've got to look at the pictures. They are devastating. Tell me again. We have a southern border supposedly 200,000 people and I get to this story a little bit of detail later, but 200,000 people we had 200,000 encounters with people trying to enter the country illegally last month. The county. I live in Florida, which is not a small county, not a huge one. But it's not a small one. Either only has 161,000 residents so 40,000 more people they could have created a new county. A new county on the southern border of Texas all by themselves and and had a larger population than the county. I live in Florida right now on the

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