Who Killed Lois Duncan's Daughter: The Murder of Kaitlyn Arquette


Lowest. Dunkin would receive a phone call. That would change her life forever. Caitlyn had been shot twice in the head while driving near downtown albuquerque and was in the hospital in critical condition less than twenty four hours later. Caitlin was dead and lois duncan found herself. Living the kind of nightmare. She had devoted her life to writing about. Lois would spend the next three decades trying unsuccessfully to unravel the mystery of her daughter's murder. Here's what we know about the crime around eleven pm on july sixteenth. A plainclothes detective drove by a car. That had hit a pole off the side of the road. On the corner of lomas east broadway near downtown albuquerque. There was a vw bug. Stop next to it. He saw no one at the site of the crash so he kept driving. I'm sorry what. How is it crashed car and another one right next to it at eleven o'clock at night not cause to stop an investigate. Common sense finally kicked in and the officer radioed end to see if the crash had been reported yet it hadn't so he decided to turn around and see. If i don't know a citizen might need help. By the time he got back to the scene of the crash the vw was gone. Oops am i right instead of the vw. Now some random guy was standing near the crash car when the detective asked what he was doing there. He said he just happened to be passing by turns out the reason. The officer didn't see anyone in the crashed car when he drove by without bothering to stop was because the driver had been shot twice in the head and was slumped over the wheel and she was still alive. This was kaitlyn arquette. Lois duncan's eighteen year old daughter.

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