A highlight from YouTube End Screen - Explained


Forgot my nickname for you. It's the secret agent of youtube analytics. I think it was wasn't it. I have no idea. But i like it. I accept it and the appalachian. So how did you get to be such a secret. Agent of v two benelux. You know because surprisingly in the early days of the youtube industry. Nobody else wanted to do it. Oh surprise and i was just like that looks really cool and really on. And there's a limited amount of people on this earth to see a spreadsheet and be like. That's a fun. Friday afternoon activity and that happens to be me so i just kinda ran out embraced. It came from a television production background before that so is able to kind of marry. The two sides of having a lot of knowledge of how video works and then being able to pair it with the who. I want to actually look at the numbers and see how that relates and i. It is gonna melded this beautiful beautiful career and in youtube strategy. And and what i love about youtube analytics as i've said before is that it's not really numbers it's viewers there's a person an actual breathing human being watching each of these videos and taking an action and that's what the amazing youtube analytics enables us to do. Unlike any other social platform or any other video platform in history youtube gives you this insider info into what your viewers are doing. And i just marvel at that. I it's a geeky thing. But i think it's just amazing to see what people do it. It's a glimpse into the human mind which is just mind boggling to me like if you just look you know thirty years ago what we could do. You know like you could kinda maybe have a little bit of sample data right like you'd you'd sample a couple people and then extrapolate out to a large number of people which done scientifically appropriately is is very effective. But it's nothing like suddenly being able to save for the first time in human history. No we know every second of every person who has touched your content what their user journey is and what the reaction was and we can tell you with one hundred percents certainty that this as a whole is what your audience is like. It's just like thirty years ago. It was wouldn't have even been like thought of and very quickly like now. We have just a soon nami of information and unfortunately a lot of people you know a lot of companies especially just got overwhelmed by that and we're like oh we're not gonna do anything with it but for the people who have embraced it. It has allowed to be that much closer to your audience and and delivered to them the things that are going to make their experience just that much better and I'm going to tell one of your Youtube secret agents secrets. And that is that you were i. Tell me one secret secrets. tell me. it's only secret to people who have not senior linked in profile. Tell me one thing that i don't know about some content that hearst is making on youtube wow you what would you not know about about hearst. You may know that hirst's has a lot of like women's lifestyle content but what you may not know is that we also have a robust and this is my favorite like naming thing that i heard from a corporation what they call the enthusiast group and this is leg the nerd hobby group right show. I just love that in my day. Job now i- oldest randomly. We watching a twenty minute like video on how to like. Wrap your your your bicycles like hand bars. And i now know the secrets of how to properly wrap your bicycles hands like bars and this is something. I never thought i needed. No and i will never use but is one of the joys of what i do as as for living as i get paid to learn the random things we have popular mechanics. So we're getting into these geeky things that i've been women's lifestyle for a long time is opening up a whole new world of deaconess to me. I think you need to keep watching. Because i think it's called handlebars yeah. Obviously they should switch over to watching more runners wonders instead. There's very little equipment and runner's world. So today i wanted to talk about the The youtube end screen. Now the end screen a lot of people think of it as an afterthought but for me it's one of the absolute most important features in all of youtube because my goal with each of my clients in my own videos is to get that viewer to the end of the video and then get them to click on another one of our videos. Yeah with that hundred percents and there's just seems so simple there's complexity that goes into this on how you marry the in card with your ending to make sure you get people there so so tell me i mean the end screen has been around for some people think forever but it really hasn't tell me how it actually came into being wait.

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