The Washington Post's Philip Bump Is Obsessed With Mark Levin


If you would Philip Bump the national correspondent for the Washington compost. Philip Bump is very obsessed with Fox. He doesn't like Peter Doocy is very obsessed with talk with your the national correspondent. There's so many things you can write about, but Philip Bump is a true believer. Now I once saw a picture of this guy, Mr Producer. His head is as big As an oversized pumpkin. Sort of a fat ass with a big hit. May I say that? I think I will. And he has this piece today. The Where is some pro capital riot activism isn't a rally. It's in right wing media. So of course he's attacking Fox. He's attacking yours truly. He cherry picks what I say. Because he can't help it. He's a stupid obsessed four. Host Mark Levin is focused on the issue repeatedly meaning what's happening. To, I guess Now it's about 600 people who've been picked up in June. He told his audience that we're hearing that they're in some of the worst jails and some are being put in solitary confinement. But they only have an hour where they can go outside. If that that they're being Fed poor food. They're being treated like they're terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Would they be treated actually better. He added that the events that day were not an insurrection. So this is what infuriates them. We must destroy people

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