Apparently, If You're Unvaccinated, You WILL Get Sick


I think dr voucher held a briefing over the weekend that the virus does not touch sophisticated. Democrats the virus only gets floridians. The ruben that like ron disentis. That's been the virus touches. Actually said that on cnn. I know that'll shock you. That it was cnn or new york times reporter her name. Is annie something. But i think her name to be karen karen carney. We're going to call. her name. is annie kearney. She's a reporter. She's actually the white house correspondent. She's a very big deal at the new york times and she did some reporting. She's he didn't some journalism journalism along. Martha's vineyard you see because it seems a little strange. I want to ask my progressive friends. You're so worried about masks and mandates and forcing teachers to get vaccinated hired somebody on the radio this morning. Driving into work say well of course the teachers need to be vaccinated if they don't get vaccinated they're going to get sick with cova so now we're being told that if you're unvaccinated you will get sick. You will get sick. It's a foregone conclusion. I didn't know that that was news to me. I guess that was more important. Non misinformation non-vaccinated teachers are going to get covert unless perhaps your sophisticated.

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