Sarah Turney of 'Voices for Justice' on Ethics in True Crime Podcasting


It was groups gathering to watch people burned at the stake during the salem witch trials or millions of people watching making a murderer on net flicks. We're drawn to these stories and everyone has their own reasons. Why maybe it's pure curiosity. Maybe you want to learn something from these experiences. You can avoid them yourself. Maybe one help or maybe you just how big this genre is and want to cash in. I'm not saying. I think it's right or ethical but this is and has been our reality for centuries we may think we've evolved past it but we really haven't now believe it or not. I really don't care about your intentions in this space because after trying to bet trying my best to convert people away from the dark side if you will. I learned the intentions are not something i can change if you can hear my story if you can see other families of victims on the internet begging for help and you don't care that something inside of you that i will not be able to change today but the thing with intentions is you may feel like they're this deep dark secret inside of you but they will come to the surface so no matter your intentions with true crime content. You you make just remember that a good deal of your audience will most likely see right through your work to those intentions in. My advice is to respect your audience by being honest with them. Are you doing tour for a show. Just you can buy a new car awesome. Let your audience know that. I bet most of them will be thrilled for you. What they will be thrilled about is if you say that you're in this to help the victims and the families but then you only help yourself and before you know it. You're on instagram with your new. Bmw they're gonna see right through that now. A great way to avoid all this headache is to actually just have good intentions with your work. That doesn't mean you have to work yourself to the bone and donate every dollar to charity. That's not what i'm saying. What i'm saying is that if you don't have good intentions in this space be ready for a lot of people to call you out on

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