Will Your Company Embrace the Covid-19 Productivity Revelation?



Something been sitting comments. A couple of days ago is really stuck with me. What he said was a number of companies have realized during this covered nineteen pandemic and this work from home situation that the work that used to get done in eight hours in the office is now getting done in two to four hours at home and whilst no that's not true for all companies of course for a lot of companies and a lot of businesses i think it is and so the question for me is what are you going to do as a business. If that's true for you if you've actually realized that you can get the work done in half the time in a four hour day you can now complete an eight hour days work in the old days. You've now got four hours free per day per person. So what are you gonna do with that. I to just try and go back to normal and insist that your employees still sit there for that extra four hours or are you gonna find more work for them to do in squeeze squeeze more out of their four hours or maybe you can actually split it. Maybe give them two hours off. Let them go home. Two hours early and get an extra two hours of productivity out of the in the office even if they're only converting that fifty percent so we're actually really only getting one real productive time out of them. We're still now a bitter off than we were before. And so i reckon there's a massive opportunity for those companies that choose to embrace the revelation that covert has forced upon us. Which is we haven't been that productive in the office and if you can embrace that as a company and then maybe get a little bit more out of your employees while you're there but also give them something back and by letting them go a couple of hours elliott do something else on their own time in the office during that extra couple of hours that they were otherwise. Just wasting time with anyway. Then i think the returns to you as a company and a business will come back many fold in the short term and frankly obviously in the long term as well.

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