This Is What Happens When People Get Paid to NOT Work


Bill bennett longtime Public servant author great radio host for many many years here on the salem radio network. Now he's got a terrific podcast former education secretary. He knows his stuff. He was On with jesse waters over the weekend on fox news channel and saying listen. Teachers are going to have to to buck up. And they got to go back to the classroom as i think they've gotten used to get used to the sedentary life for the vacation life. They're getting paid fulltime salaries and they will continue to get paid every hint every suggestion of a virus. Maybe even just a common cold and they're going to say maybe we ought to shut it down so randi. Weingarten has given a warning that this could be their disposition. Parents are furious. They are right to be furious. Several things to be furious about the schools fact that they're not opening as one of your bill bennett. One of the smartest guys i know. And he's saying teachers essentially have gotten used to the vacation life. They're getting paid not to work. And that of course is a is a an attribute you can apply to a whole lot of walks of life. People who are getting paid not to go to work more than they'd make if they went to their job. And that's why a lot of red states are ending the supplemental three hundred dollar a week. Unemployment check you gotta get a job. Jobs are at their jobs are plentiful according to the data the statistics.

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