Top General Feared Trump Would Launch Nuclear War, Woodward Book Reports


The least interventionist president in modern history vats who donald trump is and. They expect you to believe that he was just about to press the button and the birds new china year right so this is the trouble with the story. We have this absolute hack of a pathetic. Individual would has been trying to clamber back in relevance for forty years. Although he's a credit and he was really the junior partner in the The deep throat story that brought down. Nixon then we have mealy who has established a fact pattern of being a scumbag is being a political actor in uniform. We'll see which which off the aspects of this story holds water but we've got to analyze it right now because that's why we're here. That's why we do live radio and we're going to do it with Very good buddy jennifer. Who sent me the video. It's out there the whole town hall if you couldn't make it to l. a. Watch it two hours without bodies. Dennis prager mark levin. Charlie kirk and larry elder. Let's posted right now and it's putting it on twitter and facebook feeds told to us john. Let's let's leave the recall. Let's let them vote on photocopy pass. Whatever they take those suitcases about it from under the table this story. Is there any way to glad this for the biden regime. I ju-. I just stayed first of all. I want to say that. You and charlie kirk dennis prager mark levin at were all on fire on sunday at town hall. Twenty twenty one. So if you don't get a chance if you haven't seen it janice we're like whoa to my friend. You guys were i mean just nailing it and it was so much fun to share a stage with you that being said. No there's no way to wiggle out of this. But the democrats control everything in the media is controlled by the democrats and so maybe they will wiggle out of it. But have you wondered. We've heard so much during the trump administration about deep state leaks about all of these people these sources within the intelligence community. I don't think we have to look very far. They're sitting right in front of

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