A highlight from LOUD: The Nueva York Connection

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We've been producing here doodo studios. It's called loud the history of reagan. And i love this podcast. It tells the true story. About how young people from panama. Puerto rico and beyond refused to be quiet and instead created an irresistible musical culture that has kept the world dancing for decades loud is produced in collaboration with spotify so to hear the rest of the series go to spotify also a quick warning to our listeners. There's gonna be some pretty explicit language throughout this episode. But now i'm gonna pass things off to the host of the podcast one of the originators of it on herself. Like our iota la baltra ladda eib queen take it away queen. It's nineteen eighty five. Nineteen years old though franco or frankie docomo. Liam is a tour skinny kid getting on a plane from panama city. To new york to study business administration disease via. Are your mama thousand i. I mean michaela the in prison in panama. He and his friends has started a seeing jamaican down

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