They Call Us Justin Chon

They Call Us Bruce


Hello and welcome to another dish. They call us bruce. An unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asian america. I feel you. And i'm jeff yang and once again we have a fantastic guest on this episode. Somebody who's an old friend of ours over the podcast. And who has just evolved into one of those interesting attorneys filmmakers creators actors writers in the business of asian american filmmaking and that is justin chon who has a new film coming out blue by you which we have seen and i'm just so deeply my feels. I just. I q much to talk about that. I can almost like talk Welcome welcome to the show. Welcome thanks guys. Thanks is so great evac back on with you guys. You know. I just first off. I want to say that this has been some kind of a ride for asian americans. You know There was a time when felt like we couldn't tell any story is truly not them the way we wanted them to and when we did they had to be a certain kind of story over just the last a three four years. We started more idiosyncratic and yet really masterful new kinds of of narrative exploring explaining and just giving experiences around very different ways of being asian american and blue by us is right up there In in that world of like the minorities so just wanted to give you props for that and maybe ask bit. What the origin story in some ways of of this film. Was you know what i mean. You know Being asian american we all know. Adopt these you know it's I'm sure we all know that. Adoption originated the idea of international. Adoption originated in south korea after the korean war. And you know the whole family went there and the kids off the streets or whatever the case that needed families place a nice christian families in the united states and over the years become a big business in and you can't tell an asian narrative that's inclusive without including that storyline Without including that experience in this in this country So you know i. I'm friends quite a few adoptees and and I've grown up with few. And i started hearing that this was taking place at adopted. These were being imported in. I thought it was absolutely shocking.

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