Race Recap: Running in the Italian Alps


So trevor. I know people are excited to hear about how your sky marathon went in italy. So tell us what made you want to sign up for this event. When i posted some photos on instagram people were asking. Where's the race recap will here. It is so. I went and did the sued t- role sky marathon in italy. Big thanks to angie. For watching the kids while i went over that we're not always able to travel marathons together these days but i was able to get away for a trip to europe was not to like about that for two whole weeks. Yeah kind of squeezing. A lot actually flew into venice and then stayed there couple of days. Amazing place rented a car and drove up to northern italy. In the trentino alto. A dodgy region of italy up against the alps. It's predominantly german. Speaking actually because east to belong to austria until after world war one so in german suty role which means south t. role because it was part of the tea role region in austria. So it was cool to practice german while i was over there and Of course run a beautiful marathon in a beautiful place so the race took place on august. Twenty eighth it was my eighteenth. Marathon to date is my third marathon in the alps and it was definitely the most challenging. We climbed a of twenty eight hundred meters or over nine thousand feet It was just a constant climb up and down mostly up the race also has a sixty nine k one hundred twenty one k which they didn't have this year for i don't know why they also have a half a trail half but with all the events combined they call it. The most extreme experience in the alps. Wow that saying something. I know especially because i can think of some pretty extreme experiences exactly so tell us about the day. You know the days leading up to the marathon. How you're feeling and what kind of preparations that you had to have going into the race will. My training was tough. Because we don't live elevation so i tried to get as much trail time as i could in just going up and down trail. I think that might have helped my leg

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