The Life of Historian Gerda Lerner


Hedwig crohn's stein was born. On april thirtieth nineteen twenty in vienna austria to robert and alana cranston hers was an affluent jewish family. The defied many of the norms of the time for starters. The family's money came from one. Gert is father used her mother's dowry to open a successful pharmaceutical enterprise. Gerdes mother was a bohemian artist. Who encouraged sexual freedom and vegetarianism has it. They're vastly different lifestyles. Robert and alana had a contentious relationship. The lava knew that. If she asked for a divorce she would lose custody of gerda and girders younger sister nora so alana and robert agreed that they would lead separate but discreet lives under the same roof. Gerda and nora had to make appointments to see their mother who was relegated to a single room separated from the rest of the apartment ilana enjoyed avant-garde art and had many young suitors while robert had a separate apartment for his mistress being a witness to her parents. Unorthodox arrangement exposed girded a female independence and caused her to question. Impose societal norms as gerda got older. She flirted with cultural and political radicalism

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