Apple Facing M1 MacBook Cracked Screen Class-Action Lawsuit

Mac OS Ken


Have you suffered from a cracked screen on your m one mac folk cold the law offices of mcguachie. Oh and hristo actually. Don't call their offices but do know that they're leading a class action lawsuit over the issue. Apple insider says the suit follows an investigation by the law firm and to easily cracked macbook screens that accuses apple violating various warranty consumer protection and false advertising laws. According to the complaint. These problems often develop while the class. Laptops are closed. Many class laptop owners have reported that they first observed cracking and or display malfunction when opening their devices from close position others reported their screens cracked as they adjusted the screens viewing angle in an ordinary manner. The reasonable consumer would not expect such activity to damage their device. Let alone caused an obscured display and or screen. Crack that impairs the functionality. Oh no the gun. Get sued apple insider says the lawsuit which demands a jury. Trial seeks a declaration that the mac book screens are defective. Various damages to the plaintiffs in class and attorney's fees and costs among other prayers for relief.

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