Why Is It Important to Potty Train Cows?


Now we have online news editor david. Graham he's here to talk about potty training cows. Hi dave hey sir all right. We're already laughing but it's not silly. It's serious why would we need to tell cows where to go. Well house as you may have seen or heard make a lot of waste appeal lot. They poop watch and not so much of a problem if they're out in the field and actually it's not always the problem when they're in a bar setting because the way barnes have operated until recently scousers confined in these stalls through tied up and so they can only sort of excrete in one area. The problem which is kind of a bit of conundrum is that as barnes have tried to become more. The cows have more free roam in the barn and so maybe you sometimes have hundred or more cows roaming around a bar and on these concrete floors their pooping and peeing everywhere. And that's not only sort of a health issue for the cows and actually for people to but when urine feces knicks. It actually creates a monja which is a very toxic chemical both cows in for people Ammonia can become nitrous oxide which is a very potent greenhouse gas and so ironically by trying to improve cow welfare were also sort of hurting the environment and so the question is can we get cows. We get cows to sort of excrete in just one location. It would be a lot easier to clean it up or store to use it like as fertilizer or other types of things

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