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And we're talking with Dr Douglas Howard, the founder and formulate er of balance of nature and his wife, Susan Howard. Balance of Nature is a product that has changed my life by helping me to get over 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. In a huge variety, you get a combination of 31 fruits and vegetables. Have been scientifically proven to make sure you are getting everything your body needs on a daily basis. I know that you say often on the program. We don't claim the balance of nature as a cure all or a cure for cancer. But what doesn't the right proper nutrition help, And then I know that at your company, you've received literally thousands of letters. From people who have been taking balance of nature and different issues, maladies health problems that have been alleviated and made better because of taking it. Are you allowed to tell us some of what that is? Sure, I mean, and I do want to stress that we don't claim to be a cure for everything I early in my career. Um, I remember a lady calling from Texas and she was just absolutely furious at me. And she said, How dare you say cancer is preventable? Cancer is preventable a great percentage of the time. But she was furious at me because she had his son who had passed away and I said, I'm so sorry if that's what you if you think I'm blaming you for that cancer. I'm not But many times.

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