Couple in eBay Harassment Case Sues Company, Ex-Officials


You think about big tech tyranny the most of us especially in conservative talk radio talking about the latest person that twitter dispatched or the latest bias. That facebook has again somebody but what about the tyranny of ebay what the tyranny of ebay it's pre. It's where you buy stuff. How bad can they be the boston globe. Features a story where this couple that did i guess they did sort of reviews their their their livelihood was doing online reviews of various tech issues various websites and they had been not universally but occasional critics of ebay and the folks at ebay decided. They didn't like it. And there may be retribution underway. Aaron pressman writes about tech for the boston globe and had the story and it just went straight to my brain and aaron welcome. It's nice to meet you. How are you doing sir. Good morning mark thank you. This is crazy first of all how. You've been writing about tech for the boston globe. The boston globe. I'm new. i've been writing about tech for many many years. But i just joined the boston globe this summer. Where'd you come from. I was at fortune magazine for the last solar. Where your people where are you from. Where did you grow up. I grew up in the boston area. And i never quite escape so i'm still here so it's right there west of town about a half hour west of town in the lovely suburb of natick. Tell me about the couple in question and what they did to draw the ire of ebay. So i know david steiner there an ordinary couple. They like to go to garage. Sales when ebay i arose. They sort of started making a tip sheet for people who aren't to sell on ebay and it became this big newsletter. They started making a lotta money from advertising to people who want to sell things on ebay so it was a great little business. They had Ebay over the years you may have noticed has shifted to emphasize more selling like big retailers and increasing the fees on little guys who want to sell things so the newsletter became i think a little more critical overtime and kinda got under the skin of some of the top people and ebay where they were. Who would've who's eyeballs would have seen this in order to think this isn't right. We're going to punish these people. Where's he bay headquarters out in silicon valley like everybody else. Ebay is out in silicon valley. But we know there's a federal criminal case against Seven to these people to so we know we've seen the emails that the ceo of ebay right. This is a multibillion dollar corporation. The theo of ebay and his wife are complaining to their underlings about this online newsletter. Not treating them fairly and Devon winning the ceo at the time even has this very unfortunate email where he says. Take them down acre down. I believe is what he's at.

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