Why Marlon Brando Hated Hollywood


In this world with these people and of course marlon brando in sixty eight. At this time he is a. It doesn't get very much bigger. No marlin brennan. But he was he had run a he. He'd run his career into the ground. I mean when you think about his his big stuff you know when when he was working on while all the all the classic films with the ilya kazan. But by the later sixties he could get work and y well first of all hated. Hollywood despiser with the red hot hatred. Not only that but are you ready for this. I don't know it's to be. This is quite a revelation. This children'll island brando to acting. Yeah loathed. it hated hollywood wounded. The whole acting world hated broadway. Hated movies didn't wanna ever act again Because he used to say to me mallory. It's fine for a woman. It's a feminine profession. You might be able to get somewhere in it and you might enjoy it but for a forty four year old man. He was forty four at the time for forty four year. Old man to have twenty year old kids. Who don't know anything about anything. Giving him orders and telling him when they can work and where to stand in to speak and how to do. I've had it. I'm a man. I need to have a manly life. You know what i'd like to be. You know what. I'd give anything in the world to be an. I'd say what marlene united. Sit there. And i'd say you know i'm sitting here listening to marlin complete exact and nobody's ever going to believe me you're you're you're blowing my mind. And he said you know. I i tell you. He said I if i had my druthers in this world i would be the first vice president of prudential life insurance company. And i'd go. That's kinda sunny very smart and funny but that is that is hilarious ways basically saying i want a normal normal life. I want to go to work and come home and be done with it right. I just want to have a normal family with some kids and live like a normal person. I can't stand this

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