Deadly Passion: How an Obsession Led to Murder


Once. Esther and jim retired. Esther insisted on moving south to swim. Washington soon after the move to swim esther learned. She had cancer and she died two years later. Esther's death hit jim hard and he decided to move back to alaska where he would be closer to his son. He bought a house in wa- silla on golden dale drive and his neighbors across the street were hanged dawson and his eighth wife. Thirty year. Old terry according to neighbors wheeler became good friends with the dawson's and was a frequent dinner guests at their house. Hank and terry dawson suffered marital problems in the summer of nineteen ninety-three and hank temporarily moved out of the house to live in anchorage. After hake walked out on her teri immediately called her neighbor. Jim wheeler to cry on his shoulder. Perhaps terry considered her relationship with jim platonic but friends say. Jim fell hard for terry. Jim apparently could not keep his emotions to himself because he told anyone who would listen that he was in. Love with terry dawson. Meanwhile terry and hank decided to work on their marriage and hank move back into their wasila home over the nineteen ninety-three labor day weekend by this time jim wheelers feelings for had grown into an obsession and he told several people that he could not stand. Think of terry and hank in bed together. Hank died in the explosion. Only four weeks after returning to live with terry in

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