The Murder Case of Yvonne Layne: Searching for the Star Witnesses


At this point. I've been in touch with david thorne for nearly two years. David has been in prison for twenty two years for allegedly murdering his ex girlfriend yvonne lane on march thirty first nineteen ninety nine since then david has adamantly proclaimed his innocence and the bizarre murder case and conviction has been featured on multiple news tv e programs and so for the past two years. I have been consumed like dwayne poelman. Warned would happen and so i decided to finally enlist the help of professional private investigators. John harden danny wexler and jason baldwin from the west memphis three and his organization proclaimed justice so back on the ground in ohio. We continued our search for chris. Campbell remember john. And danny thought rose and chris were the most key people in this entire investigation chris and his girlfriend rose. Were the star witnesses at trial. Twenty-three-year-old rose an twenty one year old. Chris both testified at trial. They said they saw joe at the carnation mall around closing. They said he told them he was in town for a job and they said that job was to kill a girl. The card joe allegedly wrote his phone number on for. Chris was presented at trial to prove that joe was there with them the native the murder and at this point. We don't really question that they were all there together but what happened while they were there is what we wonder about by trial three months after the murder some details of what they remembered changed from what they'd set in their initial statements and then a bit more change between those statements. The time they took the stand six months after that rose initially said joe was in white pants and a white track jacket by trial. The pants were black. Rose also said that. The knife that joe showed them was definitely not a pocket knife. She said it was an eight inch knife in a sheath by trial it was a pocket knife. We tried to find rose on our first trip because we had many questions about her statement. We wanted to know why it changed and also about something. She told police in her tape statement. Because i'm scared for my life. Because chris campbell for me if i said anything he met me. And that's why i've been scared. His oliver nagai as race. People do things when they're scared. Like sometimes people lie and we wondered. was it possible. She lied

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