California Recall Update with Larry Elder


Larry how's it going out there in the field in california. What i think is going well The as you pointed out i clearly have the reality on the replacement side based on is whether or not percent plus one votes voters in california both to recall gavin newsom. And it's my job to remind people white. Nearly two million people signed a petition. Charlie to get this guy out of here. Almost a third of them were the very people that voted for him just two years earlier and by that i'm talking about independents and democrats. I should even at hispanics. Sixty three percent of hispanic voted for him two years ago. And now the majority of hispanics want him out largely because gavin newsom shutdown public education and before he sat down public education a kids educated in our government schools. Were already behind our scores near the near the bottom of all fifty states where we spending fifteen thousand dollars per student per year and not getting sufficient bang for buck. He also shut down the state to the point where a third of all small businesses are now gone forever and many of these small businesses were owned by black and brown in asian american people. The kind of people that people like avenue some pride themselves on caring about and so so larry. This is something that has now become a national kind of issue. The california recall and gavin newsom is very nervous and he's largely nervous because he has a formidable opponent in you and the message that you are bringing forward and you kind of set the entire american kind of political community on fire. And you've saved so disciplined. I just want to say they've tried to trap you in so many different

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