Dr. Craig Stanfill Defines Artificial Intelligence


Welcome day frames to very special discussion here. In america i with the man who knows about things that people discuss. But i think they don't know what they're talking about. It see sexy concept of summits a concept. It is artificial intelligence. He is dr. Craig stanfield the author of a new fictional work. That has i think iran a factual message if not more than one. That's called terms of service subject to change without notice stock stanfield. Welcome to america. I well thank you for having me on. Dr gorka a pleasure to be here. So can i just start with the basics. I'm not a techie guy. This is a science fiction kind of dystopia in future. I am a science fiction. Guy loved science fiction. Philip k dick bladerunner all that stuff star wars you name it. But let's start with the factual state of the art. What is the truth about artificial intelligence. What does it mean and right now. Twenty twenty one where all we in terms of artificial intelligence. What is going on right now. Is that artificial. Intelligence is being used by technology. The start the beginning. What is artificial intelligence for lehman. Can you define the term. What what is it is it is that you know thinking machines. What is that artificial intelligence. A professor of mine in grad school settings whatever the artificial intelligence says and that's always historically had a rather flexible definition in the present day. What mostly means is what i would call data science database artificial intelligence which is an area of research that are acted in the early nineties late eighties and the basic idea is this. You've got a routine decision that needs to be made and the way you get a computer to make it. Is you get a human. To look at a bunch of data and transcribe the data into what you want the to do. And so very powerful machine. Learning algorithms have been developed that will across a wide variety of topics replicate what that person would have done. And so we all know that that alexa and so forth and other services can transcribe voice and very good job of it and the way they did that was. They took a bunch of people speaking. And then somebody would transcribe it at eventually. The ai learns what it what it is that you said the same thing with translation from english to german whatever that some of the automatic translators do and it's all based on a monkey. See monkey

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