Texas migrant camp empty, Haitians await word on their fate


No migrants are left at a Texas border encampment about a week after nearly fifteen thousand people most of the patients huddled in makeshift shelters hoping for the chance to seek asylum so far around two thousand were flown back to Haiti and stepped up flights will continue over the weekend according to homeland security secretary Alejandro Mayorga ignoring criticism from democratic lawmakers and human rights groups who say they left because Haiti is an unsafe country my R. because defending the expulsions they are driven by a public health imperatives he says about twelve thousand four hundred will get a chance at asylum they're being allowed to stay at least temporarily five thousand of them in DHS custody meanwhile the mayor of del Rio Texas where the campus located says officials will search the brush along the Rio Grande to ensure no one is hiding and finish cleaning the site before re opening the international bridge Sunday night at the earliest I'm Julie Walker

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