The Creation Story of SpidrTech With CEO Rahul Sidhu

Code Story


That first. Mvp first pilot that you built how long it took you to build. What sort of tools you use to bring it to life. They they tell you that there's a lesson learned when you build an mvp they tell you to kind of start with a. You know like a roller skate. Skateboard than bill to a bicycle than a motorcycle than a car. And then a ferrari over time even though i read the book lean startup. I you know it's one of those lessons. Add to learn the hard way we started to fifteen. We're that horizontal techstars program new york. The product that we were looking to build at the time is not the product that we have today raise a precede round about a million dollars. Depart through some of the capital to to to learn some these lessons. It wasn't until we're like. Hey look we're probably not gonna get this out to market before. He ran out of money that we decide. If we're going to have to basically try something else. So i remember i flew out to burlington vermont. The former chief there. Michael sherline great guy. He had us out in his boat out on the lake. And and trying to brainstorm what we can do from there and one of the things he left us with. It's just keep it simple and help. Police departments solve the customer service problems specifically public perceptions in very important us. We want to make sure that we're providing the best service we possibly can help us compete while the customer service side with these companies like amazon. Etcetera that are driving up expectations consumer expectations on you know what to expect when they enacted services that kind of clicked for us and we decided to start something simple which is just an automated email or text that goes out to people if a report gets filed for them but just give them some basic information. That's it started.

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