A highlight from Happy Hour #421: Lisa Whittle


And welcome to september you guys. I love september. It feels like we're getting into fall. Football season is underway. My kids have already had games. I've got my first texas longhorn gain coming up this weekend and it just feels right. It feels good. My kids are in. School is fun today. Show mantar just feeling right. My friend lisa wetzel joins me. And lisa has been on the show before she's a dear friend of mine in real life and she's a new book coming out next week called the hard good showing up for god to work in you. You want to shut down. I'm telling you. I told lisa on this show. Today is that this message that she hasn't here first of all it. Her heart is all over it but this is a message for all of us. This is all of us. Feeling these feelings of wanting to shut down and needing to show up for god to work in our lives even when it's hard because we know there's good at the end so we talk about that a lot. We dive into it. I want to let you know. She's giving away her first chapter for free before her book releases. So you have time in the next couple of days ago. Check this out. Good lisa whittled dot com slash. Good and you can get the first chapter of this book and start reading that before it even releases next week. You're going to adore our conversation that we have today. Also we have a separate conversation over on youtube. If you go to jamie ivy dot com slash youtube. You can hear that when we talk about. What does it mean to find. Our purpose has guide gonna use us. How do we look for that. It is really really really good and the last thing. I want to tell you before we jump into this conversation is you may have seen recently on instagram. And we've been talking about it here. We've been talking about on. The newsletter is that i have a children's book is being released in about a month. October fifth god made you to be you Is a book. That comes out. And i am so proud of this book. I imagine kids and parents and grandma's and aunties and caregivers and preschool teachers reading this book to kids and reminding them that god made them with the purpose that god made them who they are for a reason and we can trust god with that. Oh y'all muhart could literally explode thinking about this book so

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