For Someone Who Checks His Watch Constantly, Why Can't Biden Address the Nation in a Timely Manner?


Yesterday was the day that president biden bellied up to the microphone eventually to give his address to the nation on afghanistan. Now that we were finally out after twenty years as he put it are forever war that he wouldn't end to my question always with biden before we get into his actual speeches is. They're not somebody in the white house. Mrs biden or i guess major. The dog has been booted out is back in delaware. But couldn't somebody get this guy in front of a microphone on time. And i'm sitting here in the studio this morning and Doc morgan is going mike gallagher. Show down the line. You don't hear this but affiliated stations. Here the mike gallagher show begins in three minutes and twelve seconds. The mike gallagher show begins in two minutes and twenty seconds. Things that start on time have to start on time. Except in the biden administration and i found one of these at one of the network. Tv operations but they use it a lot. It's he's late again. That's why we never carry biden anchored coverage on our radio network. The salem radio network we feed anything that he's saying. It's important to hear the president of the united states. But we're not going to put an anchor in front of a microphone at two o'clock eastern time. Which was when the speech was supposed to be yesterday and then have them tap dance at dance. Tap dance tap dance than the white house goes. Oops wait a minute. He's now going to make it to forty five. Eventually he showed up. I think about three ten. The guy literally can't get anywhere time for a guy who likes to check his watch as much as he does think he could get somewhere on time. But that's a whole nother topic. We could get into but it's weird that he can never get anywhere on time. I i never understand

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