Caldor Fire Updates: COVID-19 Outbreak Sidelines Strike Team


In the west tonight. Another emergency is unfolding california's massive kaldor fire. Firefighters are racing to keep the flames away from lake tahoe resort and tonight also dealing with a covert outbreak. Steve patterson is there tonight crews bracing for an onslaught of the kaldor fires seething flint's now just a few miles from south lake tahoe. We've not experienced a fire of this magnitude. That's this wall tile in a long time as firefighters scramble the thirty four thousand structures in the fire's path a covert outbreak. You start leading. One strike team sparking fears that the virus could take even more crews off the front line and they need all the help they can get. Firefighters are bracing for forty five mile. An hour wind gusts tonight. That could stoke flames just like these. We kaldor fire has destroyed over two hundred thousand acres. Hundreds of homes. Enforce the evacuations of more than fifty three thousand got everybody out. But it's heartbreaking says fortunate ski resorts now using snowblowers to ward off inversed in race to save one of california's iconic destinations. If you don't believe in science got to believe you're on is coming here and experience. A smashmouth smashmouth realities of climate. Change taking shape in real time. What are you telling those people. As far as they're worried about their homes burning homes can be built People's lives can never be brought back

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