Biden Admin Doesn't Know the Number of Stranded Americans in Afghanistan


Breaking news the washington post this morning as director william burns met with the The senior leader of the taliban yesterday in kabul william burns went over. There secretly held the meeting face to face with abdul. Ghani bara dr It's the highest face to face encounter between the taliban in the bite administration boras also man who met with Titrate state mike pompeo last year. I'm joined by byron. York of the washington examiner byron does that maybe give us the clues to why the administration is being so secretive as to what is going on and the timeline in kabul hallel byron. You might be on go ahead. you're on now okay. It could but it underscores the perhaps the ugliest fact of this entire affair which is that. The united states is dependent on the good graces of the taliban. It sounds insane to say that but we are dependent on the good graces of the taliban to get americans out american citizens american Not forces and those Afghans who aided the american military effort. So the the fact that you know. We're having meetings with the taliban. In which in this case i think has to be done. Underscores the dependence position that the president has put us in here now bar. Dr of course does not control al qaeda or isis or any of the other splinter groups. That are there. It is unclear to me whether or not we actually have operational security guarantees from the taliban. But the thing that i'm certain about we don't know how many americans are there and i doubt that the united states government does but do you think they have at least a minimum number. They might release to us byron. Well i was relieved to find out yesterday that there are not stranded not stranded because the white house told me that But i think it's an well. Let's say this if the if the us government knows how many americans are there and he's not saying I don't know the explanation for that. But i'm taking them at their word that they literally do not know how many americans are in afghanistan

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