The History of the ICEE, the Coolest Drink in Town

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As summer rounds out. Let's cool down with the story of what was once. Hawked as the coolest in town talking about the icy david book recently shared a brief history of the frozen carbonated beverage over at tedium and shared a few things that i definitely wasn't expecting zoo. There are three different stories about how the icy began. But they all happened under the tutelage of omar nedlac while he was running a dairy queen in coffee ville. Kansas nedlac had grown up in kansas and after returning from serving in world war two owned an ice cream parlor of his own for awhile and dabbled in running hotels before ending up. Buying a dairy queen franchise location. Now here is where the stories differ. Either ned lick didn't have a soda fountain and therefore put bottled soda in the freezer. To keep it cool and sold it partially frozen. Something that is customers loved because the partial freezing created some kind of chemical change. That led to a pleasing slushy consistency. The other version of the story is that nedley did have a soda fountain but when it broke one day he threw some bottles of soda in the freezer and same thing customers were really into it. The final version. That sometimes gets told. Is that nedley regularly ran out of bottled soda during rushes and would put some in the freezer so that they could get cold faster and you know what happens next whichever version of the story is true and however the discovery i came about it was an instant hit customers loved these semi frozen sodas and would request them when they visited his dairy queen. So ned likud always had a predilection for machinery and tinkering decided he wanted to build a machine to create the slushy drinks on according to tedium. His first prototype was made out of an old ice cream machine and a cars air conditioning units and once. He had a successful proof of concept. He teamed up with the john. E mitchell company in dallas to perfect and scale up the

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