Fermenting Kombucha For a Healthier Hard Beverage


You talk about your process. What inspired you guys take kombucha and and make a actual shell stable hard. Come each. oh yes well i mean the origin of us starting With a commode shah because served the we have more than just combustion now of a heart which art self serves. We we in our tap room's which we have. We also have a beer that we we make with different types of functional ingredients mushrooms and things like that and we have we look at ourselves really as innovation on company. That's looking to explore all the different categories and create the best tasting the most flavorful the most functional version that could be made in in all different categories. But the reason we start with kabuchiko is because my partner when the the founder. Bill moses He he was part of another company called kavita and vito was one of the other large companies at got early into. They actually certainly similar to to accomplish evidence. Coconut water keefer back. You have three lines do the action three license. They started their original was keefer which is really unique in different at any kind of because of that they already had the mindset around. Alcohol wasn't really a part of it because they knuckle boot shah as you know or manageable don't know capuchin the national from process creates 'cause you began to say an early on a ten seven years ago there was an issue of like how much is still to this day. Actually how much. Alcohol is actually in your non alcohol Is if it can. It has sugars. They will continue to ferment right. In fact often it might be a legal to be below below this. Earn an amount of alcohol allowed to be non alcohol. You go and you start driving and it's in the sonnet saying. This sugars are fermenting. The alcohol starts growing and it actually might pass that that. That limit veto was One of the first ones. They are to have super control of that. How much alcohol in it now. They had to coconut keefer. Had to As apple cider vinegar tonic. So three different lines but really learned a lot about the control. And it's kind of funny. Is you know. Some of the founders of a company that was kind of became famous for controlling the alcohol would then go ahead and and and let it go and and and actually let it flourish and actually create You the best alcohol version of the

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