Cam Newton Released, Mac Jones Wins Starting Job


Many of us expected this to happen. But cam newton is not only not starting for the new england patriots but cam has been cut this morning breaking news greg patriots. Podcast would make cattles will all over this bad boy greg. Just your initial reaction when you shot. Were you stunned. Were you surprised. Or none of the above. I would say i would say none of the above. I mean i thought this was in the realm of possibilities when you talked about possible outcomes now was it the most likely outcome. Probably not when you looked at know everything. But i did think that i really did. Think about and all the chatter that was going on this summer with the training camp and is there really a competition. And you know there's some reports out there who really don't look very good At this point in time with Their assessment of what was going on the field. I always thought that in my mind watching the way that it was working was that. I don't think that bill was really in part of it has to go with how things have changed in training camps now and how the practices are structured. And how you can't do certain things for a while and i really thought watching the practices. I thought that basically bill bell check was just trying to educate his team through the final preseason game and it was all about education and getting everybody to a certain level and certainly mack jones was on a fast track and they were trying to throw as much at him as possible but i always thought once they got done in my opinion once i got done with the final preseason game that's when they were gonna make decisions i don't think they i don't think that the staff had any real discussions about mac versus cam until yesterday quite honestly and so for us to be out there sort of predicting what was going to happen. I thought was kind of fruitless. Because i didn't think the patriots knew what they were going to do and i thought that it would get in a room on monday and they would talk it

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