Entergy Says 2,000 Miles of High-Voltage Lines Knocked Out by Hurricane Ida

The Young Turks


Well let's talk about hurricane. Ida hurricane ida has devastated parts of louisiana and further compounded the ongoing corona virus surge now more than one million people in louisiana and mississippi including all of new orleans were left without power as either one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the united states mainland Push through on sunday and early. Monday before weakening to a tropical storm So far the number of people who have died as a result of this hurricane is is pretty low. But i just want to warn everyone that the death toll is likely to increase in coming days because there are still people who need to be rescued. As a result of the flooding people are stranded in their addicts or on the roofs of their homes So as of now There have been a total of two fatalities the hurricane twisted and collapsed giant tower that carries key transmission lines over the mississippi river to the new orleans area causing widespread outages And enter g The local authorities said And local said so. The power company said that more than two thousand miles of transmission lines were out of service along with two hundred sixteen substations almost appears as though Maybe the You know energy companies and the utility company should really reconsider the way. Their infrastructure is built especially with these types of hurricanes and extreme weather conditions happening more and more often Maybe you should be underground instead of above ground and maybe we can prevent power outages from happening in the first place Every time that there's a storm like

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