A highlight from GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 976: Football Season Is Underway!!!


Sports podcasts of me. I was sick last week Hallo business strep throat then turn into a little bit of a sneeze And what this This time of the year at least for me where. I get really really Allergy driven on. I'm really proud against sick. So at the very least drama quarantine you know try not to go out and Charteris myself like that and things like the delta variant and kovic are still very live. Nowadays seems like states are now taking necessary steps to To the point where They're trying to make sure they have everything down. Tax so example like in ohio state. I'm in right now. They are telling people to be aware that mass mandate might come back Apparently we had over five thousand cases of delta varian over the past month i believe so a lot of damage going on in ohio for zach concerns. But that's the reason why. I haven't been keeping up today with my podcast. And everything kinda came down with some bad allergies stuff like that and he don't wanna hear me coughing sneezing. Every five seconds you know clearing my nose And all that stuff on this podcast but without further. Let's get into the podcast today The last week or two have been really jam packed on. We saw on the week that we had The nba summer league complete In this we saw the sacramento kings when the summer league on but we still have some really great moments in the nba term league. Which i'm going to share with you later on the band and on top dies while on look at what i'm players in the summer league really made a big splash and who should watch out for next season apart of these Young guys but outside of that We have a college football underway. This week on talking about. I'm going to be talking about some of the biggest games a week one Obviously the big game out of all those georgia versus clumsy number five georgia number five or number three clemson going at it in at clemson so georgia's going to have a huge protests ahead of them then finally at the at the end of today's podcast wanting to talk about the soccer line which is quickly approaching us and i'm talking about know what players what teams are Set to are set to make a base flash in a the soccer world but without further new. Let's get into the f- first segment. Today's podcast which is going to be about the nfl. Preseason encounter previewing the regular season while like ben doing With my nfl podcast. So far but Without further do let's get into So the first thing. I hand the. Nfl preseason. i want to talk about today mostly on the quarterback situations of Some of these Nfl teams starting with Jamie's send versus tastes hill. So with this jameis. Winston tastes hill. If he didn't already know are with the new orleans saints right now. Both of them are quarterbacks. And right al after their last game versus the jacksonville jaguars to see. My james really made a big headway and the race. Try to starting quarterback for this This for this Neuron sage team They play jacksonville. Like i said. They beat jacksonville. Twenty three twenty one in this Tatum hill threw the ball. Twenty times completed eleven. Those attempts Had a hundred thirty eight yards averaged. Six point nine yards per pass and one touchdown and was sacked only twice with a Rating a ninety three point. Three james once in Was the starter for this team Furthest game at least Threw the ball pretty well. Nine ten from the field on one hundred twenty three yards Twelve point three yards per attempt along with two touchdowns a a quarterback rating of one hundred and fifty seven point five On the other side of things with the jacksonville jaguars who are also going Or or have trouble with their own quarterback dilemma with a guard of menu and rookie quarterback and first overall pick of this Past nfl draft trevor lawrence of government. You through the ball. Twenty one times completed thirteen of those towns in this game. One hundred and forty nine yards seven point one yards per attempt in one. Interception was sacked only once James woods and sacked at all And how a quarterback reading a sixty three point four On the other side of things with lawrence He threw the ball twenty three times completed their fourteen of those times One hundred thirteen yards. Four point nine Yards on average and Only got sacked one the quarterback rating of seventy three point. Three so with this A lot of stuff to talk about. I'm starting with the new orleans saints. Obviously james wolfensohn got off to a very very hot starred Starting off this a new orleans saints team Through two touchdowns no interceptions nine attempt from the field Certainly something that if you're paying. And if you look at this year saying okay now dreamers Kind of has a head of steam with this Starting quarterback job but overall Once played very well in this game yet. A very gray pass to Calloway in the first half where Calloway was dubber. Double coverage and whistles at the fifty. Our line was a it and delivers a perfect. Pass to Calloway and calloway even got the pass interference call on that play with a to the pharmacist draped over him so right there shows you that one son does has does have the accuracy and the arm to really sling it For the team. And if they have a healthy mike talas back. Sooner rather than later. Also winston connected with calloway Or calloway both touchdown passes in the first half. The second one came pretty much. Go route With calloway on the left side of field wasn't season perfectly stride for stride default purposely and finds calloway right next to the pylon With this With this with the new orleans saints situation obviously wants in has to be the guy my opinion. I'm looking at this game versus the jacksonville. Jaguars he can really swing this ball. And i mean he only threw it ten times in this game and had a hundred and twenty three yards ladies and gentlemen compared case them hell who threw the ball. Twenty times had one hundred thirty eight yards. So i'm not saying that tastes them. Hill shouldn't be dismissed. The -sarily almost pink Sean payne use tastes hill. As some surprise situations to try to catch on. try to catch his Some of these Defenses off guard because hill can be a great guy for the team. You know he can run the ball. Well he can pass the ball well cetera but overall james winston has to be the guy for this team Going over to jacksonville now and looking at The government's versus trevor lawrence battle is pretty much the same energy. I'm gonna put force on what i talk about. The justin feels any situation. This is a situation where he got at jacksonville. Jaguars team are the super bowl contenders. I don't think anyone's calling them that so with this. I think the best situation is for Trevor lawrence to start on this game I think that Laurence or lord start the season.

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