QB Ryan Tannehill Among Nine From Tennessee Titans Positive for COVID-19


That we need to realize is gonna take a not just now in the preseason. But this is going to be an issue when we actually get Into the regular season. And that's covid. Okay. We see what happens with Cam Newton wasn't eligible to return to practice until today because he was away from the facility and he's not vaccinated. You need Take a test and come back, not positive, and even in the case of the Tennessee Titans They already said a couple of days ago that they had seven players. That they've had to put On the Covid 19 reserve list. This week you got Mike Rabel, their head coach who tested positive for Covid on Sunday and Ryan Tannehill. He's now a part of that group. Ryan Tannehill tested positive for Covid 19. And if you recall, it was only a few weeks ago that Ryan Tannehill was one of the players who basically said Listen The NFL is basically forcing our hand here. And as a result, Ryan Tannehill he got vaccinated. Even though it sounds like he didn't want to. He did, and he still tested positive. Now, having said that, as a result, Ryan Tannehill, he's gonna miss 5 to 10 days and he needs to produce two negative tests. Two consecutive days. Okay, the Titans they get going September 12th. I think that is enough Time to hopefully get Ryan Tannehill back up and running, and their general

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