Changing the Agent Experience at Keck Medicine of USC With Parlance



So the next way I want to discuss is some work that we're doing with tech medicine of USC. And it kick, we're now supporting more of the patient journey than just that up front rounding just that sort of first step of the patient's journey when they're calling into the healthcare system. And what we're doing with them is authenticating the patients. And also opening CRM cases and supporting populating a single pane of glass for agents so that they have everything that they need in front of them when the call arrives to them. This greatly improves the caller experience and the agent experience. And it means much less effort for both. Nothing can be more frustrating than navigating through a system and then having to repeat some of that information or re-educate the agent once you get there. College don't have to do that. And then for the agent, they are now doing fewer of the mundane tasks and they can focus on the service delivery to

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