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Na member fdic joining me is frequent. Npr contributor and culture writer belong qureshi. Hey y'all harlem burma's talk to you so. This version of scenes from a marriage was written and directed by the guy levy. Who takes a lot of elements from the original but makes some important shifts to he arranges in some cases. Sort of who does what what the role of the child is how they relate to the child and how the relationship fits and doesn't fit with what they consider to be. Typical contemporary marriage levy was actually approached by ingmar bergman's son daniel to do this update. So he's doing it with a certain amount of kind of authorization. I guess you might call it. It was made during the pandemic. It started airing earlier in september. As we said there are five parts in total bowl. How did this strike you on first. Viewing sugary very much as the kinds of shows that her guy levy has made the affair in treatment as you said the original one and then of course evidenced by the american edition our boys which is another series that aired on hbo about israel and palestine. That was an extraordinary show. So very elegant very smart and really you know obviously cast with this extraordinary set of actors. I think one thread. That's been running through a lot of my own. Tv viewing and i've been reading a lot of critics talk about too is sort of where people's emotional threshold is currently for watching. You know i mean. I don't want to be dismissive. I appreciate the need for feel good. Tv this is definitely not feel good tv. It's definitely feel to feel bad terrain. I would say and and so you know i did find that. It's it's a beautifully made show beautifully acted and it feels you know properly. I mean dance as as a series. It's really looking at a marriage from different angles. So five hours here gives it so much material and considering it's really just the two of them in their house for the majority of it. That's an extraordinary achievement. I would say creatively. But i will say that the emotional kind of threshold for it is is a question that i had to because it's tough viewing. Yeah i myself watching it and thinking. I love these two actors. It was funny to me that there was a little clip of the two of them on the red carpet that went viral radio. Right as this was premiering. Because it is so reliant on the chemistry between the two of them because although in the first episode you get another couple there Play by corey stoll and nicole bahari and the same thing is true in the original. You get them having dinner with a very unhappy couple but aside from that you get very little of anybody else. So it is hugely reliant on the chemistry between them which fortunately these really good but at the same time it felt like an acting exercise and from a writing perspective. I really wasn't sure given how kind of you know people in one thousand nine hundred seventy three as i understand it received that show is being really daring about the nature of marriage and divorce. It was obviously a very different time. And think i struggled to understand kind of what this show is trying to be about because we have now had a whole genre of kind of brutal divorce movies. Whether it's kramer versus kramer marriage story or whatever the idea of telling the story of a couple that kind of crows hateful and angry and starts to hurt each other is not necessarily a new idea and i was curious about kind of what they're trying to say with this show not a clean message but i'm wondering what it's trying to be about. Well you know. The thing. That i thought was for me. Unfortunately a missed opportunity was when the show opens. And i thought the first episode of it is actually really excellent and i would encourage most people to watch it. I thought that it opens with this interview that this indian american woman. Who's a researcher is doing with this couple. I wonder for instance if you'd like to add something about how you divide household and caregiving responsibilities in that contest so forgot to mention. She's interested in couples with a woman is the primary provider. Well i wouldn't exactly put it. Sorry i'm trying to give away your thesis anyway. So in a way it sets up a kind of promise of a series about twenty twenty one and about this moment and about a time when frankly you know rightfully there's a lot of discussion about what exactly does marriage even mean also in the pandemic which i think has put a lot of marriages under a different kind of strain to.

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