Andrew Cuomo Won't Go out Without a Fight


We need some ground truth because my my team here is conflicted. Is this reprehensible excuse from going to leave. The governor's mansion or not he'll jesse jones. Yeah i gotta tell you. He is the yen game will be. He's going to have to step down but it's not going to be easy and it's not going to be probably within the next six weeks i i went over this a nice show. Am nine seventy new york in the morning. Said and i talked to a senator rob or up in new york state. We talked to michael goodwin. We talked to zelda. And it'll be this guy digs in andrew cuomo exact you know and let me tell you italian i wanna stick up for my tenants. I keep telling you every time we talk. I got out. She got the blogs i got. I guess i'm getting buried over your pelosi. help me out. what am i doing. Thank god for steve. Scalise gonna save them on the radio. I guess we love leave. You know what i'm saying. Thank god it's the least italian louisiana. We loved that everybody else. I'm in trouble. My goodness gracious. They say they'll be out but it's gonna take awhile he's gonna dig in he's gonna get like we've never seen before isn't it reprehensible joe that he's gonna leave if he ever does because of you know kissy kissy huggy and not the fourteen thousand people who died because he sent them back those people's homes. Yeah yeah it's it's a terrible situation. But i don't think he's going to skirt that issue to the democ apis. Yes even. this is what. I'm hearing on the inside in new york flagship station. They don't i don't think he's gonna get away with any any any of it. I think they're going after him. On it. And i went and i went to the link and it's a great question and this is a great viewpoint that you're putting out there said gorka because there's no way he can

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