Big Crowds (MM #3789)


The Maison with Kevin Nation. I've never been a fan of big crowds and what I mean, big, I mean, hundreds of thousands of people the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally the annual rally up in Sturgis. South Dakota is about ready to begin and they're expecting seven hundred thousand people. During normal years when we're not dealing with covid-19 Delta variant, I wouldn't want to be around seven thousand. People know I've done the Indy five hundred upwards of over a hundred thousand people. I've done concerts where there have been seventy-five eighty ninety thousand people. I've been in the midst of all these crowds and back. When I worked in radio, I had to be. And so, on my concert up in the music business, I've had to do that too, but I never wanted to be around that many people and what doesn't make sense to me again, with a CO visit around or not is why people want to subject themselves to that many other people. Now, I realize at a big sporting event, a big concert, you got all the action and now that the Delta variant is here. I'm even more terrified of big crowds. I realize we've all got choices to make, but big crowds, I didn't like him before, and I sure don't like them now dead.

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